The vertical packaging machine of the features

Time: 2010-09-27


 The packaging machine is now more and more. Automatic vertical packaging machine is suitable for puffed food, shrimp, peanuts, popcorn, oatmeal, melon seeds, jelly, sugar, salt, detergent and other granular articles, short strip, pink strip packaging material. Now I'll introduce the vertical packaging machine of the features.

  The vertical packaging machine of the features:

  1. the advanced Chinese touch screen control, the operation is simple;
  2. product packaging, print date once completed. Save time and cost savings;
  3. Optimal structural design, disassembly, cleaning more convenient;
  4. The horizontal and vertical temperature control, and better adapt to a variety of packaging materials;
  5. Intelligent design, no cutting, do not install air bag.

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