Rezpack Exhibition arrangement 2011

Time: 2011-01-21

Rezpack Exhibition arrangement 2011 

  1. 4th-7th March    Guanzhou     Sino-pack 2011&China Drinktec 2011(the 18th  international exhibition on packaging machinery & material the 15th china international exhibition on brewery,beverage and liquid packaging)
  2. 16th-21stMarch    Chengdu     National Spring Sugar Reception
  3. 15th-19th April   Hefei       NUts fair
  4. 19th-21st  May    Shanghai    Packtech & Foodtech 2011 in Shanghai
  5. 12th -18th May    Germany     Interpack 2011 in Dusseldorf, Germany
  6. 7th-10th  Jun.    Brazil      Fispal Tecnology 2011 in SAO PAULO
  7. 16th-19th June    Bangkok     ProPak Asia 2011 in Bangkok
  8. 14th-16th July    Shanghai    ProPak China 2011
  9. Oct                           National Autumn Sugar Reception    
  10. Nov.                          THe27th China Plant Protection Information Exchange&Pesticide and Sprayer facilities Trade Fair
  11. 23th-25th Nov.    Shanghai    CFE(Condiment Food-Additives Expo)


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