The characteristics of vertical packaging machine

Time: 2010-09-03


?Vertical packaging machine suitable for packaging various types of powder, granules, tablets and other objects, such as tablets, salt and other goods. Vertical Packaging Machine Packaging tensile feed through the feed device, cylindrical plastic film after film The formation of tube-like, through the heat seal side of the vertical sealing device, while the packaging injected into the bag, seal body horizontal color photo detector device according to the shear length and location of packaging. Let us look at the characteristics of vertical packaging machine.

? The characteristics of vertical packaging machine:

? 1. the advanced Chinese touch screen control, simple operation;
? 2. product packaging, print a completion date. Save time, save costs;
? 3. optimal structural design, disassembly, cleaning easier;
? 4. horizontal, vertical temperature control, and better adapt to a variety of packaging materials;
? 5.intelligent design, without unloading, the non-package air equipment.

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