How to Adjust Conveyor Belts

Time: 2011-10-16

How to Adjust Conveyor Belts
Conveyor belts come in different types of devices such treadmills and other exercise equipment. After continued use, a conveyor belt may become off track and it will need to be centered again or adjusted. You can get the belt back on track with a few basic tools and your piece of equipment should work properly again.
1 Figure out which direction the belt should go. If the belt is tracking to the left, then you should move it to the right until it is centered.

2 Find the tracking roller, which is typically at one end or the other. It may look as if there are two tracking rollers, but one roller is to tension the belt and the other is to track the belt. If you see two adjustable rollers, use the roller furthest away from the drive roller. Use an open-end wrench to loosen the lock nuts on the jack rods or bolts to adjust the pulley left or right.

3 Adjust the tracking roller out if the belt is moving to the right while you are facing it. Tightening the jack bolts with the wrench pushes the roller in, and loosening the jack bolts pushes the roller out in relation to the belt. If the right side the roller is out of slot, ease off the left end of the roller tension. The belt has a tendency to move to the end of the roller that has less resistance.

4 Carefully run the conveyor while pushing the belt in the direction you need it to go with the heel of your palm on the top side of the belt. Continue doing this until the belt begins to move by itself. Adjust the belt and roller back in the opposite direction with a see-sawing motion to get the belt where you need it.


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