The main purpose of the pillow packing the type machine

Time: 2012-02-24

Pillow packaging machine is the latest automatic continuous shrink packaging equipment, horizontal packaging machinethe use of quartz far infrared tube

heating, energy-saving and efficient (save 15%); shrinkage temperature and the motor drive speed is adjusted, and a wide

adjustment range; originaldrum rotation device can work continuously. The shrinking machine has advanced design, reliable

performance, energy-saving and efficient, filler and weigher the contraction effect, novel and beautiful structure, easy operation and

maintenance features, applicable to any shrink film shrink packaging. Better than the previous contraction of the performance

of packaging better, ease of use.
The structural characteristics of the pillow packaging machine
1) dual inverter control, bag length can be set and cut, without air conditioning, just one step, saving time and film.
2) text-based man-machine interface, convenient parameter setting.
3) Fault self-diagnosis function, failure display.
4) sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, make the sealing position more accurate.
5) Temperature independent PID control, and better suited for various materials.
6) Position stop function, no adhesive, no waste of film.
7) The transmission system is simple, work is more reliable, more convenient maintenance.
8) All controlled by the software, vertical packaging machine convenient for function adjusting and technical upgrade, never backward.

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