Auto Modified Atmosphere Packaging Tray Sealer

Group Automatic Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine
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Update Time 2013-11-19
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Modified Atmosphere Packaging Tray Sealer


Auto MAP Tray Sealer is widely used in packaging fresh food as meat, poultry, fish and fruit and vegetable, cooked meat, and bakery food. The food undertaken modified atmosphere packaging, become more and more popular among food process factory and the distributor because of keeping the original flavor, color, and nutrition, and prolonging the shelf life. The modified atmosphere package food develops very fast in the European and American market, with the annual increasing rate high up to 25%, and the total output exceeding 5billion of Traies.

Main Features of MAP Bag Air Adjustable Fresh Machine:

1. It adopts combination of machine, electricity and Pneumatic, realize human and machine talk by programmed procedure control(ie: PLC touching screen), actions and control parameter can be set and amended by PLC, with easy control, and reliability, little problem;
2. High auto degree in the packaging machine, and high percentage of end products;
3. Main body adopts stainless steel, to ensure sanitary and safe food, according to food machine standard GB 16798-1977;
4. Mould pattern can be set according to customer’s choice, with wide application range;
5. The gas mixer is exact(mixing air), so to ensure food fresh requirement;
6. The gas mixer is exact(mixing air), so to ensure food fresh requirement.

Main Specification:

Machine nameMAP Bag Air Adjustable Fresh Machine
ModleRZ-1Z 450
Box size(MM)200*150*60
FormatBox model
Max width of film(MM)450
Max diameter of film(MM)250
Speed(H)Modified atmosphere packaging 1000-1200
  Common packaging 1400
Machine weight600kg
Power supplyAC220V/50HZ 06.-0.8Mpa
Maximum power required3.2KW
Overall machine dimensions2100*1100*1900 L*W*H(mm)